Diaries From Fall Guys: Packing Yeet

A fun-filled mini-game comes to a close.

When it comes to the games that make up my somewhat-daily grind here at MMO Fallout, next to Fortnite my general go to has been Fall Guys. It’s a title I can play for roughly a half hour, get my daily missions out of the way, and then move on to greener pastures. Not that I don’t have fun playing it, but that little taste every day keeps the game from getting too stale in my books.

This week’s event has been one of my more favorite over the free to play season. Dubbed The Yeetus Clan Trials, it’s another set of ten challenges with a dedicated game mode and a little tchotchke for completing all ten of them.

As you might expect, the flavor of this event is in the hammers. Fall Guys kicked off its meme back during the early days with a giant hammer called Big Yeetus. Since then the rotating hammers have just been a part of the game’s various stages. The Yeetus Clan Trials is a small subset of three round solo games that emphasize using the yeetus hammers to propel yourself forward among the pack.

I think my favorite part of this event is that the final round doesn’t end with just one winner. It’s tough as nails because you’re racing to the finish in what is a very strict timer of about 40 seconds. If you don’t use the hammers, you won’t get anywhere near the finish line before time runs out. I managed to snag my way through the finish line as the timer hit zero with a well placed hammer hit.

The challenges themselves are also very easy to get through and are completed by simply playing the game. Get airtime, qualify rounds, fly at top speed, etc. You’ll need to win at least once, which is easy because the game allows multiple winners and each set is only three rounds. Qualifying is more of a fight against the clock than other players, as the game kicks off round one with 30 players max and allows 29 of them to qualify as long as they pass the finish line.

All of it worth it for that Packing Yeet back bling.

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