Domina Dev Throws Tantrum On Steam

Because Valve won’t uphold his censorship.

When it comes to developers with fragile egos and delusions of grandeur, MMO Fallout has seen them all. And more often than not the notable players come back every now and then for another go at entertaining the public at their own expense. Enter Domina, a game whose developer has already had their fair share of baby tantrums as we noted on Twitter earlier this year.

Domina is back in the spotlight for the developer pitching another hissy fit, this time over Valve’s refusal to let the developer censor negative reviews unopposed. In his emotional breakdown, the dev goes on to call Valve’s staff nameless and cowardly for not allowing them to censor opinions he personally doesn’t like with impunity.

No evidence is ever offered that we’ve done anything wrong with DLC, but the claims are echoed for eternity on b-level gaming blogs, just to be used as ammunition on Twitter. Circle jerks. Disgusting. Now we can’t even flag the lying reviews as fraudulent because nameless, cowardly steam moderators whom we cannot interact with, have final editorial control!

The post goes on to state that the game may no longer receive updates on Steam, a threat that is absolutely what ethical, upstanding developers make to deliberately punish a large portion of their customer base out of petty anger, and one that will no doubt win over the hearts and minds of those who bought the game or might have considered buying the game. I’m just kidding, they’re just digging themselves a deeper grave and most of the discussion board isn’t taking the threat kindly leading to some real mental gymnastics to walk back the effect of the threat.

My favorite tidbit of information in all of this is that the developers acknowledge moving ship to Epic Games may not be possible because the dev’s conduct somehow got themselves banned off of Bandcamp and thus Epic probably won’t willingly do business with them. They also refuse to go on because it’s too “woke,” another sign of a pure mental health. It’s about 10% of the way away from acknowledging that they might actually be the problem in this equation.

We’d move to Epic store but the guy who owns Epic also seems to own Bandcamp and we’re banned there already so, it may be self-publishing on our own site from here on.

Shockingly, and in a move nobody could have seen coming, Domina is getting slammed with negative reviews in response to the developer’s tantrum. As of this post about 300 negative reviews have been posted today for Domina. Now assuredly Valve is going to flag these reviews as off-topic within the near future, giving Domina two incidences of review bombing in response to the developer acting like a toddler.

A developer that has a noted history of using the Steam news for unhinged political screeching.

Unsurprisingly the post on the Steam discussion has a growing number of users the dev has banned from posting for not supporting their demand to censor others. Maybe it’s also the developer shamelessly promoting their YouTube channel hosting their music where all of the songs have comments turned off. Because clearly we’re dealing with an emotionally healthy adult.

I have a feeling this is all going to end with Domina and Dolphin Barn Incorporated getting banned from Steam altogether, both for their nonsensical news posts and their increasingly aggressive stance toward Valve and their customers.

Someone should really point out that there’s no award for acting like a bigger clown than Digital Homicide. There’s literally not enough popcorn on Earth to get through this circus.

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