Torchlight Infinite Launches Beta

On Steam and mobile.

Torchlight Infinite is here. In beta at least. This week Torchlight Infinite launches on Steam and mobile, and all you have to do is go over to the Steam page, click on that “request access” button and then download. Most players should get access immediately, as despite requiring you to request access there doesn’t seem to be a limit on player slot availability.

Torchlight Infinite of course is the mobile spinoff of Torchlight in development by XD. The folks at XD seem to be taking a dig at Diablo Immortal with a Steam description that the game will not sell upgrades or crafting material. Whether this is the truth will have to be seen.

Staying outright free-to-play, all gears, affixes, crafting material and upgrades on attributes are all loot-based. Exclusive drops to accomplish your unique build style goals can only be obtained from power grinds. Further your personal visions on builds and appearance from available microtransactions.

Check it out. Torchlight Infinite is the follow-up to 2020’s development nightmare Torchlight 3.

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