2K Support Breached, Sends Out Viruses

Don’t trust even those legitimate emails.

Everyone knows you don’t download dodgy files from emails claiming to be customer service. But what happens when you get an email, log in, and see that customer support ticket sitting on your account? You probably trust it, at least to an extent. But you shouldn’t.

2k Games put out a Tweet today warning that their customer support portal was compromised that was used to open very real tickets and send customers emails containing malware designed to steal personal information. The customer support portal appears to have been closed completely for the time being, and customers who received such an email and opened the link are recommended to run a virus scan, reset their password, and check their emails for any new forwarding rules.

Obviously run your virus scan before you change your password, or change it on a different system than the one that might be infected. Naturally this is going to be a problem for 2K going forward, as having the portal itself be compromised is going to do a fair bit of damage to the trust between 2K and their customers.


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