Ethics: Naughty Dog Hires IGN Reviewer Who Praised Game

Jonathon Dornbush joins Naughty Dog after giving Last Of Us 2 a 10/10.

Video game journalism, it’s a title that sounds like you could only really pull it out when speaking sarcastically. Like when people use “underwater basket weaving” to refer to useless college degrees. Video game journalism is often barely journalism, more of an access press medium where favors are exchanged for clout and potential future job opportunities in the industry. Unless you’re Dan Allen of course.

Case in point, Jonathon Dornbush whose 10/10 review for The Last Of Us Part II has most certainly done no harm to him getting a job at their developer two years later. Dornbush posted the 10/10 “Masterpiece” review on June 12 2020, and on September 20, 2022 announced his new position at Naughty Dog.

Jonathon joins the company as Editorial Content Manager, a position that presumably entails managing editorial content. As for an industry that constantly finds itself criticized over too many ethical concerns to count, both real and imagined, this definitely isn’t a good look.


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