Sony Launches PlayStation Loyalty Program

Show your loyalty and get rewarded with tchotchkes.

Sony this week officially launched PlayStation Stars. No, not that thing. PlayStation Stars is the new loyalty program that offers points with purchases that can be used on digital collectibles and more importantly can be redeemed for PlayStation wallet currency. A bit of a rebate program if you will.

By joining PlayStation Stars, you can use your gaming skills to collect unique digital collectibles and earn rewards. Complete campaigns, earn points and show off your collectibles in a digital display case on PlayStation App as a way of celebrating your love of play and PlayStation experiences.

One aspect that is causing a bit of unease online is with the level 4 loyalty tier which gives priority support for customer support chats. Some people aren’t happy about the idea that Sony is effectively rewarding people who spend the most money with better customer support.

But think of all the useless digital stuff you can show off on your mobile PlayStation app. Think of all the “rare” collectibles.

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