Britaria Shifts Focus As Its Value Burns

Another in the world of bad Crypto games.

Editor’s note: As a courtesy to Moonglow Games, MMO Fallout has updated their studio name from the previous Reaper Games. Some of the jokes may no longer make sense in the context of the new studio.

Have you ever wanted to see your investment go down in flames before a game even launches? Because if you do you can always invest in a pre-order character for a blockchain video game. I’ve spoken a few times about the pump and dump scheme that is Britaria, formerly Legends of Aria, in development by the appropriately named Moonglow Games. Britaria is the soon-to-be-failed relaunch of the failed Legends of Aria, rebuilt and getting right off the bat with pay to win nonsense and $70 pre-buffed limited characters.

Did I say $70? We’ll get to that.

Britaria’s development so far seems to be moving from one burning building to the next, with the $Aria token crashing and failing right off the bat with the team completely changing the name of the game in the process and moving to a new token that is similarly bottoming out. Today however the folks at Moonglow Games announced that going forward they will no longer be charging per character but instead a flat $40 fee for four character slots.

(3) We’ve made some updates to our monetization plans and game costs for Britaria. We will no longer be charging per character, as originally planned. Instead, we’re going to charge new players an upfront fee for the game and their account, allowing you to create four characters. While the game and your account will be free to original backers of LoA (and those holding a Gen Zero when the game goes live), newcomers will need to pay $40 for the game.

The team plans on holding a sale of one-off mounts in January for anyone gullible enough to buy them.

We’ve got a digital asset sale that we’re planning to hold in January. We’ll be selling a collection of one-off rideable mounts to use in-game. Every mount will have an entirely unique appearance, meaning that you’ll be the only player in the game with that specific skin.

If you’re wondering what the value status is on pre-order characters, and I’ll remind you that Britaria is not launching in the near future, characters were sold for 1.75 SOL which at the time was the equivalent of about $70 USD. In today’s money, 1.75 SOL is approximately $20 due to the value of SOL going through the floor and destroying six sub-basement levels on the way to China. So if you bought into Britaria, your investment has lost literally 70% of its value before the game even launched.

Over 10% of Britaria’s early backers have already decided to bail on the game, with 32 of the 250 Gen0 characters currently up for sale at prices ranging from $30 to $1,200. Good luck with that. There is still so much time between now and Q3 2023 when Britaria goes back into early access for that value to go even lower.

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