Warzone 2.0 Launch Has Steam Angry

Game sits at 37% “mostly negative” rating.

Infinity Ward this week launched Warzone 2.0 on Steam and other platforms, and Steam users are not happy about the launch. Of the 5,371 users who have reviewed the game so far, 37% have had a positive experience. Most of the negative reviews seem focused around the game’s problem with repeated crashing and visual artifacts. PC players are also taking umbrage with not being able to opt-out of matchmaking with controller users, which some have equated with essentially using aimbots. Others have criticized the UI that was apparently designed by the same guy who made the Hulu interface.

Unsurprisingly Warzone 2.0 has drawn in massive numbers. There are currently 425,000 concurrent users at 9 a.m. EST on a Friday playing Modern Warfare 2/Warzone 2.0 on Steam alone, not counting Xbox and PlayStation figures. Modern Warfare 2 currently sits at a mixed 58% with nearly 87 thousand reviews on Steam.

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