Dark and Darker Deploys Alpha #3

And Mambo #5.

Dark and Darker is back and it has all the gamers ready to murder their teammates for standing in front of their shot. The alpha test starts today and runs for a full week this time, and players can get on board by checking out the Steam page and clicking “request access.” You should be given instant access.

There are a few changes to the extraction looter stabber this time around. Specifically it looks like the 3-man portals have been removed in favor of more one-man portals. A new magic system now requires players invest memory points to allocate spells, and introduces a number of new spells including Ice bolt, Zap, Lightning Strike, Bind, and Cleanse. Starting locations are more spaced out with larger map sizes overall.

The entire list of changes can be found on the patch notes on the Steam page. Check it out.

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