Diaries From Titans of Time: Back In Time

What year is it?

Titans of Time hit my benchmark of “I think I can write about this” the same way most games do. When I look at the clock and realize it’s past 2a.m. and I’ve been playing the game for several hours. The game came across my vision the same way most of them do, the dev’s pushing it on the /r/mmorpg subreddit.

Titans of Time feels like it fell right out of the mid to late 2000s, a very obviously indie MMO that can be played through the browser. The game lets you create a guest character that won’t be saved or create an account and actually save your progress. I opted to create an account, then built my lady Leonidas character because customization options are…eh.

Titans of Time is quaint. I ran around, picking up herbs and doing quests, and fighting enemies. There’s a few skills in the game right now that you level up while doing them, including herbalism which just involves clicking on herbs and instantly picking them up as well as fishing that I stumbled on by accident because all you do is click on the water and see if you catch anything.

The game has a maddening issue with invisible walls blocking my path in random spots, but considering it’s an early build of a game made by a couple of people using a proprietary engine, I can’t be all that frustrated. You have a cycle of attacks you go through, it’s all very basic MMO fare.

I can’t stop laughing at the king and his massive throne. It’s adorable.

Titans of Time naturally isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind, but I’m sure some of my readers will boot it up and get some enjoyment out of it. There’s a small and enjoyable community of players and the developer seems like a nice guy.

Check it out.

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