Reset Those War Thunder Leak Clocks Again

It’s happened again.

No, this isn’t a repeat of the article I posted two days ago. Yes, it happened again. Again. Literally two days after someone illegally leaked documents for the F-16 fighter jet on the War Thunder forums to win an argument, another set of classified documents got leaked on the War Thunder forums to win an argument.

This week the flight manual for the F-15E was posted on the War Thunder forums along with 13 PDFs of the jet’s weapon system manuals. According to the documents themselves, export is controlled under the Export Administration Act of 1979 and are authorized for distribution to the Department of Defense and DoD contractors only. Violating said act can result in criminal charges, assuming they ever find out who actually posted the documents on the forum.

The forum post itself has been scrubbed, naturally.

So reset your clocks to zero on “Days Without A War Thunder Documents Leak.”

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