Reset Those War Thunder Leak Clocks Again

It’s happened again.

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Reset Your Clocks On War Thunder Leaks

It’s happened again.

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Star Vault Q3 2012

Profits and sales are down from last quarter in Star Vault’s latest reports. According to the latest financial documents, subscriber count decreased in the third quarter compared to the second, despite the release of Mortal Online’s expansion Awakening. Awakening aims to bring new players into Mortal Online by making the game more user-friendly.

Next on the list is promotion. Star Vault hopes to have Mortal Online present on Steam. And once again for the moment we all anticipate each quarter: Star Vault anticipates break even in…unknown. The previous expectation for September or October has obviously not come to fruition, due to a break in the upward trend when the estimation was first given. Star Vault will prepare Mortal Online for 2013.

Other than that, no surprises for Q3.

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