Fortnite Hands Out Geralt’s Items For Free

Sorry to all you people who did the challenges.

Those of you who played Fortnite last season, or read about it on your favorite game website, will recall that for a brief period of time the game hosted a The Witcher event. You could complete challenges and obtain goodies from Geralt of Rivia no less including two skins. Of Geralt. Of Rivia. No less.

Well the event is long since ended, but if you didn’t finish it you are not completely out of luck. Due to the event not ending on the date that the game said it would, Epic has opted to just give out the remaining rewards to people who didn’t complete the set list. All you have to do is log in and you’ll be granted the items at the home screen.

You’ll have plenty of time to complete the Easter event while doing the Renegade as Geralt.

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