Leafling Online Announces Sunset

Early access MMO to shut down.

The folks at Celtaria Productions announced today that Leafling Online, the 2D MMORPG, will be closing its doors and ending service. The announcement was posted today on the official Steam news hub.

Leafling Online launched into early access on Steam back in December 2020 where it has remained in relative obscurity for the last few years. The studio behind Leafling has a new game in development with news to come in the future.

After years of service, Leafling has come to the end of it’s lifetime. What started as just a side hobby project for me and some friends to have some fun in ended up exploding into a really fun niche project that entertained over 75,000 players! Sadly, however, due it not being designed for a truly long-term project from the onset, the game was plagued by it’s fair share of issues and over the years player numbers slowly dwindled down and interest died down.

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