Diaries From New World: Wabbit Season

It’s duck season and I say fire!

Well well well, would you look what we have here? The Easter event for New World dropped on April 12, roughly five days ago and unsurprisingly after Easter itself was already over and done with. That’s how New World plays I guess.

I supposed it’s worth pointing out the elephant in the room with New World. I don’t know how those geniuses managed to do it, but they’ve seemingly fixed the most annoying bug (for me) in the game. Yeah, I’m talking about those moments when you are crafting and the game just on a whim decides…nah, you failed to craft that thing. That hasn’t happened to me once in the last week and normally it happens at least once per crafting session.

The Easter event for New World involves killing rabbits and also killing rabbits. It runs from April 12 to the 25 and thankfully includes pity mechanics for those of us who RNGesus had forsaken years ago. The two highlights of the event are the rabbit chest and the rabbit mask.

And the rabbit chest has a .25% chance of dropping which is crazy because I actually got it before the rabbit mask which has a .5% chance of dropping on every rabbit kill. They have a guaranteed kill limit though, the rabbit mask drops at 200 kills and the chest drops at 300 kills. Assuming you haven’t gotten one yet.

Which I’m fine with for cosmetics and untradeable items in MMOs.

Word of advice: Wait until you’re closer to level 60 to start the battle pass. A lot of the challenges on the board really aren’t doable until you’re at endgame. Stuff like finding and killing level 60+ bosses, harvesting and processing tier 5 resources, crafting gypsum orbs (which you can’t do until 60 period), and more.

More on the battle pass on the next episode.

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