Jagex Details June RuneScape Updates


This month is a heavy one in RuneScape, as Jagex today outlined updates coming over the course of the next few weeks. Players are already well acquainted with Tuska, who began an assault on Gielinor earlier this week, tasking players with taking on daily events. Tuska won the first two days with the godless faction of players winning the next two.

Further updates this month include a slayer belt, allowing players to carry around monster hunting items without using valuable inventory spaces. Adamant and Rune Dragons are powerful monsters with even more powerful, elite versions, both of which are sure to drop good loot and present a challenge.

Later on this month, players will meet up with V in the next Freminik storyline with a replayable boss and some high level gear and monsters. The Lumbridge crater will get filled with water for a summer celebration, offering experience and cosmetics.

Also in the cards is an update to Artisan’s Workshop, with better rewards and more enjoyable gameplay.

(Source: RuneScape)

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