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Lord of the Rings Online Lays Out 2018 And Beyond

Standing Stone Games Executive Producer Severlin posted a short announcement on the Lord of the Rings Online forums this week detailing the company’s plans for the title going forward into the rest of 2018 and beyond. The post talks about changes to classes, festivals, and more, including the coming update that will take adventurers to […]

Jagex Lays Out the Future Of RuneScape/Old School

Runefest has come and gone, and Jagex has laid out the plans for the next year of content in both variations of their popular MMORPG. Attendees were able to get their hands on RuneScape mobile to test the game out this weekend. While compatibility information will be rolling out within the next couple of months, […]

Battleborn Ceasing Development Support After Fall Update

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and they also say that development costs money and money doesn’t grow on trees. Gearbox Software has announced that this fall’s update to Battleborn will be the last. The fall update was announced at PAX and includes new skins, map and balance tweaks, as […]

DC Universe Online Focuses on 2017 Updates

Daybreak Game Company has released their outward look for 2017 for DC Universe Online, and the content is looking pretty fancy. To end off the year, Daybreak will once again have an open episode period, allowing players to access (virtually) all episodes regardless of membership or content ownership. Next year’s updates will include large content […]

Old School RuneScape Teases April Updates

April is set to be a busy month for Old School RuneScape, and players should probably take a look at what is in store for them in the month ahead. For avid clue hunters, April will introduce a new tier of clue scroll introducing new puzzles, challenges, and rewards. Player ID is a topic generally […]

Deadman Updates To Curb Griefing

Deadman Mode, the hardcore pvp version of Old School RuneScape, has been updated with a small but substantial change to curb griefing. Following criticism from the community over ‘suiciding,’ the act of high level players attacking and killing low level players before guards can react, Jagex has altered how death works in guarded areas. Beginning today, players […]

Trion Worlds At Gamescom: Infodump

Trion Worlds has announced a major info dump at Gamescom, with details regarding all of their first party titles. More information on individual updates will be coming in the next few weeks, but for today the company has pushed a small blurb on each title: Rift: Patch 3.4 introduces a new calling, the Primalist, along […]

Jagex Details June RuneScape Updates

This month is a heavy one in RuneScape, as Jagex today outlined updates coming over the course of the next few weeks. Players are already well acquainted with Tuska, who began an assault on Gielinor earlier this week, tasking players with taking on daily events. Tuska won the first two days with the godless faction […]

RuneScape Players Vote Larger, Less Frequent Updates

The poll will be finished by the time most of you see it, but players have once again spoken on RuneScape’s updates. In a recent in-game poll, players were asked whether they want the weekly update schedule to stay the same, or for less frequent, more significant updates with weekly patch notes and tweaks. With 54% […]

Diaries From RuneScape: January In Review

January was a good month for RuneScape, even if you weren’t a fan of the heavy cash shop promotions. As I do each month, I’d like to give my thoughts on each week’s updates. 1. Boss Pets Boss pets for me will fall under one of the more important updates of the year next to […]

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