NCSoft Q2 2013 Finances


NCSoft has released their second quarter results for 2013, and the news as always is a combination of the good and the bad. Revenues grew thanks to a major spike in sales in Lineage. Sales in Lineage II and Blade & Soul remained mostly stable, while Guild Wars 2 sales dropped by 20%. Sales are up 4% over last quarter, with operating profit up 12%. Pre-tax income dropped 10% compared to last quarter, while net income is down by more than a third (35%). Aion is reportedly running strong in China, and Lineage is enjoying its highest sales ever thanks to a healthy population of players and strong in-game item promotions.

Korea increased its share of NCSoft’s resources and currently carries 67% of NCSoft’s sales per region, with sales in Japan (8%) and via royalties (7%) raising slightly. North America and Europe have continued their downward trend after the spike following the launch of Guild Wars 2, and now stand at approximately 10% and 7% respectively. Taiwan remains flat at slightly more than 1% of NCSoft’s market share.

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