NCSoft Refuses To Censor Blade & Soul For The West


Just once I’d like to see a game receive a mature rating because the content is so hard hitting that it requires an adult mindset to digest. Until then, however, we’re going to have to deal with the fact that an MMO’s ESRB rating is generally directly proportional to the level of exposure of a certain part of the female anatomy. Of course I’m speaking of breasts, whether large, small, and of all shapes and sizes. In the past few years, we’ve seen a number of titles translated for the western audiences that end up being censored out of fear of either controversy or a bad rating by the ESRB/PEGI. These censors usually end up affecting classes/characters who could be misconstrued as underage, when they are simply small and petite.

A few gamers noted that a recent trailer for Blade & Soul that the game appears to have several alterations, adding some clothing where it didn’t exist in the Korean version. NCSoft released a press statement clarifying that they have only the utmost respect for Team Bloodlust, and that the censored models are solely for promotional purposes.

Due to ESRB guidelines, however, our marketing material must abide by a different set of considerations than the final product. This is why Blade & Soul‘s rating is listed as “pending.” It is NCSOFT West’s intention to accurately depict the game in its original, unaltered form, with only minor adjustments for gameplay considerations. In short: We are not planning to censor or alter the actual in-game content you have come to expect from an artist such as Hyung-Tae Kim and a studio such as Team Bloodlust. Rest assured that we love Blade & Soul as much as you do, and any modifications to the marketing material are not indicative of our plans for the final content.

More on Blade & Soul as it appears.

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