Planetside Arena Virtually Unplayable; Pop Drops Under 50

Planetside Arena needs a miracle.

What started out as a bad launch has now turned into an unmitigated disaster, as Planetside Arena’s population numbers are starting to drift consistently below the 50 player line making the game effectively unplayable. Planetside Arena is a battle royale spinoff to Daybreak’s Planetside franchise (go figure) and promises matches with up to 300 players on squads of 12. Well, theoretically it does.

In reality the game is virtually unplayable at this point as populations have hit a level where it may be impossible to actually start a game due to a lack of people. Planetside Arena fills out squads by 12 which means that if you don’t have 24 people, you’re going to have one squad of 12 and probably one squad of five. It doesn’t make for a fun match, and that assumes you’ll even be able to cross the minimal threshold to get a match going.

This makes Planetside Arena Daybreak’s least popular product on Steam, considering Planetside 2 can still hit over two thousand at peak hours, even the Everquest games hit over 100, and Z1 Battle Royale can still occasionally break 1,000. And that’s not counting the people playing off-Steam.

Considering that Daybreak just laid off a bunch of people from the Planetside team and there is apparently almost nobody left, it might be a good idea to skip this one.

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