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Planetside 3 Is Surely Happening, Says Daybreak

Planetside 3 is absolutely happening, says developer who suffered at least four rounds of substantive layoffs over the past two years. With Planetside 2 chugging along and Planetside Arena floundering and virtually dead in the water, Daybreak is ready to talk Planetside 3. In a post on the official website, executive producer Andy Sites noted […]

Planetside Arena Virtually Unplayable; Pop Drops Under 50

Planetside Arena needs a miracle. What started out as a bad launch has now turned into an unmitigated disaster, as Planetside Arena’s population numbers are starting to drift consistently below the 50 player line making the game effectively unplayable. Planetside Arena is a battle royale spinoff to Daybreak’s Planetside franchise (go figure) and promises matches […]

Planetside Arena Already Adjusting For Low Population Matches

Planetside Arena Squads mode can handle up to 300 people per match, but at the rate the game is going Daybreak Game Company can only hope that the entire population of the game hits half that number. In the few weeks since the Planetside battle royale spinoff launched, the game’s population has plummeted and is […]

Column: Planetside Arena and the Friday Night Whatevers

It’s Friday night! I’m playing a few rounds of H1Z1 to get my anger on before throwing my Gamefly rental of Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a good weekend film to watch. I’m going to tell you my wonderful readers what I told Daybreak before Planetside Arena launched into Early Access this week: […]

Planetside Arena Launches On Steam

Planetside Arena is here. The battle royale spinoff by Daybreak Game Company launched today, September 19, 2019 and is available completely free to play. Early Access launches with squad mode (12 player teams) and teams mode (3 players per team) with matches up to 300 players. The main call of Planetside Arena, the gargantuan massive […]

[Video] Planetside Arena Footage

Daybreak Game Company this week released new footage of Planetside Arena. The footage features Squads, a massive game mode pitting teams of up to 12 players in matches with up to 300 people. Planetside Arena goes into early access on September 19.

Planetside Arena Isn’t Dead After All, Early Access Coming September 19

Planetside Arena isn’t dead. After six months of complete silence, Daybreak Game Company has announced that the title will be entering early access on September 19. Daybreak posted a new dev blog noting that the early launch will contain a squads mode (12 players per squad) and teams (3 players) in 300-person matches, as well […]

Planetside Arena To Launch March 26

Planetside Arena will launch on March 26, Daybreak Game Company announced in a news post circulated today. Initially set for launch in early 2019, Planetside Arena will now feature an exclusive Founders season to get the “most dedicated” fans in before launch. Before the full game goes live, however, Daybreak is still gearing up for […]

Daybreak Game Company Announces Planetside Arena

Daybreak Game Company today finally unveiled their next title: Planetside Arena. Set to launch in early 2019, Planetside Arena is a massive-scale sci-fi arena FPS set in the Planetside universe. Arena will launch with three battle royale modes in season one: A 250 vs 250 player experience titled Massive Clash with solo and team modes. […]

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