Rift Shutting Down In Russia


Rift is shutting down in yet another region, and much like the Chinese version before it, the blame seems to lie in Trion Worlds not supporting localization. As posted on the official website, Belver announced that the servers would shut down October 25th, noting that the reason stems from Trion Worlds refusing to support the localized version. As compensation, Belver is offering bonuses in several of their other games.


Everyone who wants to join the players of our other online projects, the prizes and bonuses. After creating the new characters in Black Fire, Runes of Magic Audition 2 or just email our technical support at support.belver.ru login and enter the game that you played in the Rift and the new character in another of our game – after bonuses will be credited to you within 5 working days.

Chinese developer Shanda Games also laid the blame squarely on Trion World’s shoulders, noting very poor international relations from the developer and ignoring requests to localize content. Rift in China shut down just six months after is launch, while the service in Russia began in December 2011.

(Source: Official website)

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