Retronomicon: Evercade #7: Interplay #2

It’s Evercade time.

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Retronomicon: Evercade #5: Atari Collection #2

The second Atari collection.

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Retronomicon: Evercade #4 Interplay #1

Six games in this collection.

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Sony’s Cartridge Patent May Mean Absolutely Nothing

With Disney Plus launching on Tuesday and Google Stadia not out for over a week, it’s time to set our sights on 2020 and that can only mean one thing; Next gen console speculation. Letsgodigital is reporting that Sony has filed a patent for a game cartridge in Brazil. Not a whole lot about the cartridge is known; in fact, nothing is known outside of a flat image of its design. The patent was filed by Yujin Morisawa who is the senior art director of Sony Interactive Entertainment and is listed as the inventor.

The internet of course has gone into full-blown speculation mode. Could this be a feature of the Playstation 5? Is Sony working on a Vita 2? Or some other handheld? What if this is for a standalone wireless VR system? Maybe it’s an expansion pack like the Nintendo 64 had. Maybe it will boost the ram of the system.

Or maybe it’s nothing. Honestly you could pick out any of the major game companies and fill a book with the number of things that they have patented and never ultimately created a product out of. Sony has stated on several occasions that a new handheld system just isn’t in the books thanks to the fantastic support that the Vita received, but there is also nothing to say that Sony hasn’t looked at the success of the Switch and given a second thought to a portable successor. On another side, it would seem odd to imagine that there is a time where Sony isn’t actively thinking about coming back into the portable world.

Or it could be for another kid computer toy like the Toio.

[NM] Switch Coating Designed To Prevent Children Swallowing Compels Adults To Consume Instead

The Nintendo Switch hits store shelves in barely a couple of hours after this article goes live, and if you’ve been paying attention to the industry news than you’ve surely seen the latest distraction that everyone is talking about: How does the cartridge taste? As it turns out, Nintendo actively coats their Switch cartridges with a¬†bittering agent to stop kids from putting the cartridges in their mouths and risk swallowing them. Since the console is not readily available, the effect will have to be seen.

While the bittering agent may have been intended to stop children from putting the cartridges in their mouth, the spread of its news seems to have only encouraged adults to give the carts a taste of their own. Search for Switch Cartridge Taste on Google and you’ll find tons of websites with adults giving their testimony on how the cartridges taste awful, extremely bitter, and just overall unpleasant. So far nobody has attempted to test the Switch cartridge durability when passed through the entire digestive process, but that is likely only a matter of time.

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