Retronomicon: Evercade #7: Interplay #2

It’s Evercade time.

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Retronomicon: Evercade Namco #1 Review

I’m going to talk about the Evercade carts again.

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Not Massive Review: Ultracore On Vita

Here’s a crazy thought: Twenty six year delay.

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Retronomicon: Evercade Console Review #0 The System Itself

I’m going to talk about video games.

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Retronomicon: Evercade Announces Lynx Collection 2

Coming this year.

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Retronomicon: The Death Of Quirky Rhythm Games

Pata pata pata pon.

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Retronomicon: Evercade’s New Carts Soften Another Delay

Nothing but the Coronavirus can slow this handheld.

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Wasting Time: Darkula

Here at MMO Fallout I occasionally like to bring attention to games that you can check out completely free of charge, but also games that are not MMOs and therefore 1.) will not require you to take them up as a full time job and 2.) won’t bombard you with microtransactions. These games are totally free. Today’s title is Darkula.

If you don’t know Darkula, you are probably not familiar with its creator Locomalito. Locomalito is the creation of one dude, and in between commercial releases occasionally will put out a freeware game. Darkula is that game.

Looking like it’s straight out of the C64/ZX Spectrum era, Darkula has a very simple premise: You are Darkula, and your goal is to pick up the lightbulbs in each level.

“Darkula is a frantic fixed platform game designed like a 1983 coin-op arcade. It mimic the technical specs of the time in terms of image and sound, but it goes further with a smooth playability and a scoring system carefully designed for local tournaments. Collect all the light bulbs to complete a level. Collect shining light bulbs consecutively to raise the challenge and earn a growing bonus. Be fast, don’t miss the special object and be careful with the monsters around!”

Darkula plays like the fourth screen of Donkey Kong but with a bit more strategy, since you’ll want to grab the flashing orbs in order to greatly increase your score multiplier. This is meant to recreate the arcade feel, after all, your whole goal is to git gud and get that high score up! If you want to check out Darkula, it’ll set you back approximately 22.4mb in space unzipped.

I also recommend checking out the other games on the website, many of which are completely free or have a free version. Why not? The only thing you’ll be wasting is time.

Vega+ Will Ship Within The Next 8 Weeks, RCL Threatens Critics

Retro Computers Ltd has broken a three month silence to announce that the long-delayed ZX Spectrum Vega Plus, a classic game system, is aiming for launch within the next eight weeks. In an update posted to backers today on Indiegogo, RCL noted that they have secured the rights to “some of the biggest games in the Spectrum scene,” and that following some delays related to technical issues and other factors, the console should be shipping later this year.

We can also confirm we have secured rights to some of the biggest games in the Spectrum scene, and the final games list will exceed all expectations. We aim to begin shipping the Vega+ to backers within the next 8 weeks, and to follow this immediately with our first shipments to retail.

RCL also took the time to call out parties posting abuse and spreading misinformation online, threatening to publicize the names of those involved. It should be noted that RCL has repeatedly referred to outlets like The Register and The BBC as “fake news” and has not posted any evidence to support their claims, in response to negative coverage of the Spectrum Plus and its repeated delays.

In time, we will be able to publicise in detail what is going on, including the names of those making up the above-mentioned group. But right now, on the advice of our lawyers and related authorities, we have to wait until all various investigations and legal actions have been completed.

Will Retro Computers Ltd meet its new shipping date? We’ll have to see.

(Source: Indiegogo)

Holiday Buyer’s Guide Part 1: 2016 Games For Retro Gamers

Overwatch 2016-05-06 05-46-34-65

2016 feels like it was all about nostalgia, be it in film, in life, and even in video games. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of games that retro gamers should enjoy. The NES Classic goes without saying, but since you have better chances of being struck by lightning than finding one in stores, we’ll leave that out of the list.

screenshot10 1. Carmageddon: Max Damage

Carmageddon brings back the days of your mother telling how worried she is of these TV computer games you’re playing and how she read online that they’ll turn you into a Satan-worshiping baby killer, only now it’s other members of the press telling you how problematic they find your taste in entertainment. The premise of Carmageddon is simple: Destroy the other racers, run over pedestrians, and rack up points. Also, don’t let your car get destroyed.

Play single player or online in one of several modes, one thing that takes getting used to in Carmageddon are the controls. This is definitely not the tight, smooth controls you may be used to in other racers. Cars are bulky, they get caught on scenery, and generally spin out pretty easily. Matches are a blast, since you can opt to actually finish the race (if you’re into that) or just destroy your opponents.


2. Resident Evil 1/0 Remakes

Almost the entire Resident Evil main series has been remade for modern consoles, with Resident Evil 2 on its way at some point in the future and Resident Evil 3 a hopeful glimmer, but any gamer worth their retro salt should be picking up the remakes of the original game and its prequel. Going back to where the virus began, both titles have the player taking the role of S.T.A.R.S Special Forces as they uncover a string of murders in the forests near Raccoon City.

This series is renown for its grim atmosphere, puzzling…puzzles, tank controls, and survival aspects. Don’t shoot everything, you don’t have enough bullets. The story telling isn’t great, but it sets the stage for the series to come and is widely considered to be where Resident Evil was its most sane.


3. A Boy and His Blob

A Boy and His Blob is a game that goes back to the NES, although you can’t find it on the NES Classic, and the classic is back on modern consoles and PC. A side scrolling game, the goal is to pass by various obstacles and puzzles by feeding your blog a number of jelly beans to transform him into new objects.

Overall this is a simplistic game with hand drawn graphics inspired by anime.


4. Worms WMD

Another game from your childhood, the Worms series never seems to be willing to die and comes back every generation. WMD has everything that made the Worms series great, plus a ridiculous number of cameos from other titles. Kit your worm to look like characters from Rocket League, Payday 2, Saints Row IV, and more.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Worms is a turn-based game where you line up shots and blow your enemies off of the map. Use the environment to your advantage, or blow it up to create/destroy cover for your and your foes. Worms is a game that rewards patience and practice, you’ll need to learn each weapon in order to use them efficiently, otherwise the brutality of seasoned veterans and the game’s own AI will make short work of you.


5. OlliOlli/OlliOlli2

Alright, this one technically isn’t a retro game, but it draws inspiration from the days when games were difficult while pretty fair. OlliOlli is a side scrolling game that is all about riding a skateboard and pulling off tricks. You’ll need to be accurate to a T to rack up a high score and beat the games numerous levels, pro-levels, and challenges.

It is a game that can seem unfair at times, but stick with it and you’ll see just how much fun it can be.

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