Warframe Is Having A Dev Stream

On Friday January 27.

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Warframe Celebrates Three Years With Pharaoh Update


Digital Extremes is celebrating three years of Warframe with events and giveaways. Playstation 4 and Xbox One users can log in today and enjoy the new Sands of Inaros content update, bringing with it new game modes, a new quest, a new Warframe, new weapons, and more. Console players who log in over the weekend will also find anniversary goodies in their account:

All console players that login to Warframe between April 8 at 2 p.m. ET and April 15 at 2 p.m. ET will automatically receive the Dex Sybaris, a Lotus-themed lever action rifle that’s equal parts elegance and executioner. Players will also receive the first and second anniversary gifts from previous years, the Dex Furis and Dex Dakra. Each is equipped with a Catalyst, includes a Weapon Slot and is ready for action.

More information can be found on the official website. Digital Extremes has also provided this gigantic infographic.


Warframe Coming To Xbox One


Digital Extremes announced today that the popular free to play shooter Warframe is now available worldwide on Xbox One via Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program. Billed as mmo-lite, Warframe tasks groups of up to four players with making their way through the galaxy to defeat the evil, genocidal Grineer. On the Xbox One, players will be able to take advantage of features including the Xbox Live friends list, Game DVR to record their heroic battles, second screen functionality through Smartglass, and more.

Warframe is already available for download as of this publishing. Those of you on other platforms can continue playing on PC and PS4.

(Source: Digital Extremes Press Release)

Perfect World Scoping Out Warframe Developer


Perfect World Entertainment is in talks to acquire Digital Extremes, developers of the popular Warframe shooter. Nothing concrete has been determined at this point, as Perfect World conducts a due diligence investigation into the affairs of Digital Extremes. Digital Extremes has not commented on the impending buyout due to legal reasons:

You may have read something about the business development side of Digital Extremes and it may have you concerned. For legal reasons, we can’t disclose specifics but if you know the history of Warframe you’d know that we are intent on having Warframe’s design remain in the hands of Digital Extremes. Yes, opportunities will arise for us but the game itself is and will remain a labor of love.

More information to come as this story develops.

(Source: Press Release)

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