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Valve Kills Steam Greenlight, Implementing Steam Direct

Steam Greenlight, has been both applauded and derided, as a method for small developers to find a platform to make money and as an easily gamed portal through which Steam has turned into a dumping ground for Unity asset flips and actual money laundering schemes. On one hand, the change seems to be mostly cosmetic, a new name attached to an old machine. On the other hand, Valve seems intent on stemming the virtual avalanche of low quality titles, and has announced a per-title application fee for Steam Direct.

While we have invested heavily in our content pipeline and personalized store, we’re still debating the publishing fee for Steam Direct. We talked to several developers and studios about an appropriate fee, and they gave us a range of responses from as low as $100 to as high as $5,000. There are pros and cons at either end of the spectrum, so we’d like to gather more feedback before settling on a number.

Currently Steam Greenlight asks for a $100 one-time fee, which is donated to charity, in order for developers to show their determination. As it turned out, $100 wasn’t much to deter developers like Digital Homicide from flooding the platform with dozens upon dozens of low quality shovelware titles. Valve has stated hopes that Steam Greenlight would one day have no curation on their part.

More information on Steam Direct as it is revealed.

(Source: Steam)

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