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[Video] Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 4, Episode 3

The next episode in the Guild Wars 2 living world story hits June 26, with Arenanet releasing a trailer (above) showing off some of the new content that will be available. As the next step in the ongoing story, “Long Live the Lich” players will continue their war against Palawa Joko, the undead lich who […]

Ten Years Later, Half Life 3 Still Doesn’t Exist

It’s been ten years since Valve announced Half Life 2: Episode 3 and the internet is pretty much convinced that the game will never be made. Originally conceived back when episodic gaming was nowhere near as prevalent as it is in this post-Telltale world, Valve hoped that splitting one giant game (Half Life 3) into […]

Direct 2 Netflix Episode 3: Bad Asses on the Bayou

For those of you who don’t follow this website regularly, Direct 2 Netflix is a podcast project I’m working on with a few of my friends where we watch and talk about movies that came out this year and bypassed the theater (or at least were not widely released). As you know, I’ve talked about […]

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