WWII Online Removed From MMORPG.com By Cornered Rat Software


You may not have noticed that World War II Online suddenly went missing from MMORPG.com earlier today. The main game page for WWII Online and the forum directory became inaccessible, although threads were not deleted and can still be reached and posted in with direct links. The removal came with no immediate comment by either MMORPG.com staff or a developer, leading to speculation that the game’s sudden absence was due to anything from a technical glitch to demands by Cornered Rat Software.

Well the latter group is correct. The removal of WWII Online was at the request of Cornered Rat Software, as MMORPG.com administrator Meddle posted, confirming on the forums.

CRS requested that we remove the forums from the site.  Our policy is to also remove the game listing as well in this event.

We’ve discussed here at MMO Fallout before that Cornered Rat Software doesn’t exactly have great track record on dealing with criticism, what with a very heavily moderated forum that is mostly closed off to the public and only accessible to accounts with active subscriptions. Being a third party website, the WWII Online forums at MMORPG have become a platform for current and ex-customers to vent their frustrations with Cornered Rat Software without fear of being banned in retaliation or simply having their threads shut down. As a result of the clash between former and current players, the forum subsection ultimately became a never ending, out of control flame war.

To MMORPG.com’s credit, however, the removal of the game’s forums does come at a high price: The complete removal of WWII Online from the website period. Whether or not CRS sees this as a preferable alternative to what was being posted is up for speculation.

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38 Responses to “WWII Online Removed From MMORPG.com By Cornered Rat Software”

  1. mrcheapy says:

    CRS must have gotten sick of the true opinion of their game coming out. Overzealous moderators and terrible game management ruined the once fun game.

  2. Vodkaace says:

    The big boys can’t take criticism. To bad so sad. Don’t let the MMO game door hit you in the ass as you and your game goes down the shitter. Maybe if they would have taken to heart the comments from loyal day one players like us instead of just shutting us up the game would have prospered more.

  3. BodkinBarber says:

    TBH bad publicity is still good publicity to an extent as it makes new people have a look.

    They got it removed because it was destabilising to the existing playerbase. Wouldn’t like to use the word ‘exposed’ but certainly it was a pandora’s box of CRS’s at best illogical moves. The ‘supporters’ ended up making CRS and the game look more bad than the ones who disagre with CRS lol

  4. angriff says:

    Well I for one will miss the ability to say what I want in MMPORG. Once again CRS proves its wish to control the world’s opinion.. when it should just concentrate on controlling the budget. Maybe the servers should move the North Korea.

  5. ramse888 says:

    We won.

  6. david06 says:

    It is really strange considering that the forums had been up since around 2004, and just a few months ago CRS held a donation drive for an advertising campaign on mmorpg.com.

    People had vented and made criticisms for years, but the forums stayed up. It was all free press so I don’t know know could have made them pull the entire thing now.

  7. Rendus says:

    I guess that ad campaign was money well spent!

  8. pittpete says:

    Too bad, I’m an advocate for the game.
    After this stunt by CRS I don’t know where I stand.
    It’s like CRS sticking it’s head under the covers at night and hoping the bogeyman will go away.
    I’ll miss those forums and now I get to go back to the 2 new threads a day commie forums

  9. pittpete says:

    Just found this new forum

  10. mrcheapy says:

    It will be interesting to see what becomes of the WW2OL fan-paid advertisement on MMORPG. I guess Xoom enjoys wasting his supporter’s money?

  11. Szyporyn says:

    Typical CRS move, they are soo inept I am amazed, 10 years of monopoly in the market with this game – and what have they made of it lol.

    Now slowly other developers are looking into this market, and will sweep CRS off the field!

  12. WStriker says:

    There’s another option available for folks that would like to discuss matters. It is right here:

  13. Stug says:

    Looks like there will always be a small few who will claim something out of nothing. WW2online does not need MMORPG anymore. Advertising was successful.

    Had a great battle at Maaseik last night. Tanks, air, infantry.

    Infantry in my sight.


    Two more


    Game not dead.

    Sign up: http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/index.php/about-the-game/game-info

    Don’t let a handful of disgruntled keyboard liars stop you.


    • cobray says:

      From reading these posts it’s you that is in the minority.
      And you were one of the main people who got the forum shut down. But like you said CRS doesn’t need MMORPG – man you will spin anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, uh, the only reason they closed the forums is because they didn’t want potential customers reading the controversial discussions that put a negative light on Battleground Europe. Though, of course, you already know this. You’re just trying to spin the situation with PR control. As per usual.

      Defining a game as ‘dead’ is subjective. All I know is that there are no developers to bring in actual content/fix game issues.. and the game has a hard time pulling in more than a hundred players online at a time. I also know that for them to even attempt to breathe new life into this game they have to go through player funded pledge drives (because there aren’t enough active subscriptions). Personally, I wouldn’t say it’s dead.. more like a vegetative state.

      • Szyporyn says:

        OMG what a joke, yeah it was a real success – sounds like someone is looking for a job at CRS – you would fit the description…

  14. mrcheapy says:

    Stug the signup isn’t working. I think it broke again.

  15. cobray says:

    JG26 invited everyone from the game to come over to thier forum so the community can keep in touch and move on to new stuff


  16. ramse888 says:

    Ya know, “Stug”, I liked this game for a lonnnnng time. But, the best way to describe this game…

    Its like that long time friend or family member, who started drinking and driving, doing drugs, and ends up in the hospital on life support.

    Interventions didn’t help and that friends in the hospital, again, on life support, and doctors aren’t optimistic.

    Time to let go.

  17. pittpete says:

    The signup has been broke all weekend
    They are clueless, they can’t even get the signup page working.
    I’m done with this, I wish them luck.
    1 step forward 20 steps backward

  18. Haha CRS is a joke says:

    I see this just furthering their obsession with censoring any negative opinion. Instead of actually taking in the criticism and changing things like SUCCESSFUL companies do. For all we know they probably pocketed the money on that ad campaign now. Lol I bet there’s not even a serious attempt at active development on this game anymore, it’s literally been the same for so many years. All they care about is they don’t have to work for their paychecks anymore.

  19. HaughtKarl says:

    I’d like whatever Stug is smoking.

  20. Howdoyousubscribe says:

    I’d like to subscribe to your highly popular game but it seems CRS can’t manage to keep their account page working.

    While it was down for days they didn’t even tell the community. Wasn’t until threads started popping up about it was it publicly “acknowledged”. Then it was supposedly fixed. Per announcement by xoom, on their main page. Yet it wasn’t fixed. Did that change the message? Of course not. It remained at “fixed” status for another few days while knowing it was indeed not. More smoke? Again more threads popped up, were immediately rubber stamp replied, and moved to the abyss of truths by mods.

    Maybe that’s why stug has no clue as to what’s going on. Maybe he’s lost in all the smoke.

    So stug. Just how is it, short of sending crs your info directly to a staff member, that you subscribe to your fantastic game? I’ll get right onto emailing them my info right after I finish this email to my nigerian uncle.

  21. Argel says:

    This shit is unbelievable. I was a massive advocate of the game but censoring all opinions, good or bad in this way is laughable. I take back anything I ever said to those butthurt by Doc, they are a joke of a company and I won’t be playing or encouraging others to play while they refuse to embrace fan opinions.

    I can’t honestly believe this has happened. It’s even more amusing because frankly, that forum had turned a corner lately into acceptance that the best way forward was probably a middle ground between what CRS want to do and what old time players wanted. Instead they shut down any means of communication.

    Embarrassing CRS, you will have nobody to blame but yourselves when dome of your biggest advocates like myself walk away and are forced to acknowledge how petty and spiteful you really are.

  22. Lol Doc says:

    did you guys enjoy paying for his vacations, cause you know, it’s so tiring doing nothing all day.

    Shitty backyard company who’s stayed to a handful of employees for over 10 years now thanks to doc’s retarded “leadership”.

    2001-2013 Good night sweet prince.

  23. The Real Stug says:

    Heh – I see I made an impact on you guys!

    I am honoured 🙂

    See you in game!

    • Howdoyousubscribe says:

      When are you going to point me on how one would subscribe? A WORKING link will do……

  24. Axishatr says:

    As my thread stated. WWIIOL is DEAD.

    CRS is out of control and have been since day one. They will not face up to their mistakes and misuse of customer money. RA Failed. CRS failed. WWIIOL lived 11 years…..but failed because of the people behind the wheel.

    Titanic….nice ship, terrible captain.

  25. Howdoyousubscribe says:

  26. Howdoyousubscribe says:

  27. angriff says:

    The main reason that MMPORG got taken down was there was a squad expose on it that slammed a WWII Online hate squad. They went back to the playskool forums and protested that someone could speak about them and not be moderated. I suspect they have moderator capabilities on the WWII Online forums.

    Now you can talk about deoderant on WWII Online but since there is no development, no programmers and the company is all but broke I suppose they dont want this fact out of the bag.

    • ramse888 says:

      Didn’t follow that first sentence very well, as it was a bunch of people slamming wwiiol,a few old guard members of wwiiol and over glorified wwiiol mods. But from what everyone saw, as
      soon as some guy/gal “wwiiolleaks” started posting pictures of convos that were pretty damaging, within days the forums were gone.

  28. ramse888 says:

    Stug you should apply for a propaganda job in north korea.

  29. Funnystuff says:

    wwiiol needs to be shut down.


    The butcher (doc) The baker (gopher) The sandwich maker (xoom)

    if you subscribe to this game you are merely paying for doc to take vacations and lining xooms personal account.

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