ArcheAge Criminal Sentenced To 13 Hours Prison


Criminals beware, you’re in for a fair…trial. ArcheAge has one of the most interesting crime systems that I have ever seen. It is far too complicated to explain in this article, but the gist of the system is that crimes leave behind evidence that can be found by other players, and if you die as a criminal you are sent to a court and sentenced by a jury of five players. As one gamer found out in the alpha test, that sentence can be rather harsh. Especially if you’ve racked up over one hundred charges. As you can see from the screenshot above, the player was sentenced to 770 minutes in prison, or just under thirteen hours.

Prisoners in ArcheAge can either wait through their sentence or try to break out.

(Thanks to DSWBeef for uncovering this, and credit to Reizla in the same thread for the picture)

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