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Beta Perspective: Triad Wars

Disclosure: I haven’t played Sleeping Dogs, to which Triad Wars is set in the same universe, so this series is new to me. MMO Fallout should be taking part in a beta key giveaway at some point in the near future. (Correction: Triad Wars is set in the same world as Sleeping Dogs, it is […]

[Column] NCSoft, Misconceptions And Frequently Asked

The kind of activity I’m seeing among the Wildstar community is pretty similar to those of other MMOs when they were either in the process of being shut down, or at heavily speculated risk of being shut down. So none of what I’m about to discuss is of any surprise to me, and I don’t […]

[Less Massive] Shuttered Game Still Being Sold On Steam

Steam Early Access has seen a lot of criticism, from the fact that most games don’t see completion, to the sale of titles that are at best misleading and at worst engaging in outright fraud. It has also become the source of indie devs putting games up for sale only to engage with the community […]

MMO Fallout’s Tips For Newbie Bloggers

The Newbie Blogger Initiative, of which I consider myself to be a loyal follower and mentor, is nearly halfway through the month of inspiration, and I have to apologize for the lack of usual tips for newbie bloggers. You see, I’ve been way too busy sailing the Mediterranean with Richard Garriot, waxing poetic while sipping […]

[Community] Do You Take Part In Month-Long Events?

RuneScape is eleven days into its May roadtrip, and the hardcore among you are no doubt already finished and reaping the benefits. As has become a tradition, the month of May means the RuneScape Road Trip. Players are given a booklet with a set of 20 tasks that can be completed once per day, with […]

[Not Massive] Review: Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Wolfenstein: The New Order completely blew me away when it launched last May, quickly become my game of the year and one of the few times I had no regrets in purchasing a full priced $60 title. It rebooted a series close to my heart with a story that presented an alternate future full of […]

League of Angels Using Assets Lifted From Final Fantasy XIV

League of Angels developer Youzu Interactive Co. Ltd (or whoever is responsible for their advertising) is directly stealing video and audio assets from¬†Final Fantasy XIV for use in promotional materials. This revelation isn’t particularly new, it’s in a footnote on the game’s Wikipedia article. Follow the link in League of Angel’s advertising and it takes […]

Weekend Wrapup: Iron Man MK3 Edition

Another week has come to an end, and that means it’s time to look at the news you may have missed or forgotten. Weekend Wrapup goes over the highlights of the previous week, not all of which were covered by MMO Fallout. For Marvel Heroes players, today (Saturday the 2nd) is the only day to […]

Alganon Patches In Steamworks Support

Quest Online has revealed that Alganon will be coming to Steam next month.¬†Alongside a number of other fixes and tweaks, support for Steamworks was added in the latest Alganon patch. According to Quest Online, Alganon will officially be on Steam next month. Implemented support for SteamWorks backend services. Yes, Alganon is coming to Steam next […]

MMOments: Big Farm

(Disclosure: This is a collaboration between MMO Fallout and When I look at games like Big Farm, I see a genre soured by the greedy actions of a monolithic developer that tried and miraculously failed to build an empire out of monetizing its own property at the cost of public relations and long term […]