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Top 5: More Tips For DarkScape Survival

[Update 10/2/15: A game update has rendered some of this list obsolete.] The previous Top 5 tips for DarkScape has been insanely popular, but recent updates have made¬†several options on the list either already obsolete or about to be obsolete. With that in mind, and considering I am further in the game than last week, […]

Top 5: Tips For DarkScape Survival

DarkScape is out and that only means one thing: Prepare to die a whole lot, and lose your items. Since DarkScape isn’t just RuneScape with open world PvP, MMO Fallout has put together some opening tips for players looking to make a start in this new world. 5. Get A Head Start If you’re anything […]

[Column] The Death Of Out-Of-Genre Subscriptions

I casually refer to the 2009 – 2010 time span as the Suicidal Subscription Pact, where business logic in gaming decreed that subscription fees must be tacked on to genres that had previously been available for just the cost of the game. The time marks one of the last eras of businesses unsuccessfully copying functions […]

Derek Smart: There Will Be A Lawsuit

If Cloud Imperium Games thought that booting Derek Smart out as a customer would be the end of the story, they were sorely mistaken. Smart has been heading a crusade against Star Citizen over claims that the game, as it is currently being promised, can never be made. The two parties have been going back […]

Rant: Customer Service Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than A Full Guild Suspension

As you read this, Daybreak Game Company is busy cleaning up the mess of another incident in a series of customer service missteps. This time it involves the unfair suspension of several hundred (sources place the figure at least 400 and possibly upwards of 600), in a guild-wide three day ban in retaliation for the […]

How ArcheAge’s Server Mergers Will Work

ArcheAge is getting closer to its planned server mergers, and Trion Worlds has dumped a massive amount of information on how the process will work. In total, twelve servers will be merged into six, divided equally between North American and European servers. For players on affected servers who do not wish to be part of […]

Neverwinter VIP: $10 A Month For $37 Worth Of Keys

Perfect World Entertainment has released details on an upcoming subscription system for Neverwinter. Dubbed VIP, the subscription plan acts as both a membership and running loyalty program at the same time in that it levels up the longer a player subscribes and offers more bonuses as the months progress. To top it off, you don’t […]

How Free Can You Be: RuneScape Revisited

How Free Can You Be is a series of columns that I started back in 2013 that never went anywhere, so it’s a concept that I’ve been sitting on for some time.¬†For the first entry, I’ll be looking at MMOs and how much of the game can be accessed without spending a dime. Most of […]

Trion Worlds Promises Defiance Announcement At Gamescom

Last week we reported that Trion Worlds had opened a thread on the Defiance official forums, requesting that people submit questions for an upcoming Q&A session. The results of the Q&A are available for viewing on the official website, nine questions and nine answers. When questioned on a roadmap for future content updates, Trion answered […]

[Column] Gamers Never Rejected “Art Games”

Let me just start by saying that I hate the premise of this article. Not because of the ideas within, but as a gamer who has spent the better part of the past ten years, if longer, trying to make the argument that video games are indeed art, when not pushing against the idea that […]