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Mini-Documentary Shows Handless Gamer’s Skills

Massimiliano Sechi is known around League of Legends as the Handless Gamer, or MacsHG. Sechi, a Sardinian native born with no hands, has managed to not just reach the Diamond rank in League of Legends, he’s managed to outclass countless other League of Legends players by playing with his feet. The mini-documentary above, created by […]

Eve Online Kill Of The Week: March 15th Edition

I recently proposed the idea of an Eve Online Kill of the Week column as an idea to drive traffic, since the article about the PLEX kill got a fair amount of interest, and people really seem to enjoy these kind of pieces. As I expected and hoped, the interest has a lot less to do with […]

In Plain English: Bassett V. Electronic Arts

Here at MMO Fallout we take strides to keep you up to date on ongoing litigation, because generally the news only covers the start and the end, but not the years in between or the actual arguments being made. The case of Bassett V. Electronic Arts involves the termination of online services and accusations of […]

Return to ROBLOX: A Highlight in Creativity

I’ve been meaning to dive back into ROBLOX and see what the community is up to these days. Luckily for me, I had some free time in the couple of days leading up to my septum surgery to look about and come up with a few more creative highlights to show you all. The creation pictured […]

Top: Can’t Miss Old School Exclusive Content

Old School RuneScape, or Oldscape, or ’07Scape as some have taken to calling it, has become a lot more than just an imprint of RuneScape as it was in 2007. Since its launch two years ago, Old School has ventured off in its own direction, with content developed exclusively for this version. So in no […]

First Impressions: Survarium

I took some time to sit down with Survarium, knowing full well that the game is open beta, still a pretty long way away from launch, and missing the key component: Free play. Still, with the game now open to the public and taking money, I wanted to see what the player vs player had […]

H1Z1 “The Tears Of A Hacker” Video

The folks at H1Z1 have put together a video narrating the multitude of emails to customer support from players banned for cheating. While some try to plead, others feign ignorance or resort to a slurry of obscenities. Either way, the end result is rather entertaining.

MMO Fallout On Ethical Gaming Press

We need to have another one of those serious chats, for which I apologize and promise we’ll be getting back to the gaming talk ASAP. As I type this, at 7:40pm on February 25th, the hashtag #letmarkspeak is number two trending on Twitter. If you haven’t been paying attention to the going-ons in the gaming […]

Missing World Media Returns: City of Titans

Earlier this week, I got to sit down once again and have a chat with Missing Worlds Media about their upcoming game City of Titans. If you didn’t catch out interview published last year, check it out at this link. For this interview, I managed to snag project lead Chris “Warcabbit” Hare to talk about […]

MMO Fallout On

Good news, folks! I’ve been teasing an announcement for a week or so now on Twitter, and while nothing was preventing me from saying anything, I’m not exactly the type to jump the gun. The good news is that I will now be running a monthly column on The content will be along the […]