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[Column] Are Pirates Starting To Admit Defeat?

Video game piracy may be going away, a thought that is sure to terrorize every consumer who feels entitled to a free lunch, but while we’ve been hearing this statement from publishers for years accompanied by their games being cracked and leaked at launch or, in some cases, weeks and months before. We hear it […]

Wildstar Teases New Content

Wildstar’s next content release has been confirmed as Destination Arcterra. In this release, players will be tasked with heading off to one of planet Nexus’ more mysterious locations. The zone offers dynamic content, such as powerful bosses that only appear once their lesser counterparts are defeated. Both factions will also fight it out for exclusive […]

Less Massive: Valve Bans CSGO Servers That Falsify Inventories

Valve has issued a warning to server owners in Counter Strike: Global Offensive that modifications that falsify player inventories are not allowed and must be removed before “further action is taken.” Since Valve’s games are heavily modifiable, players in the community quickly figured out methods to alter servers in order to provide players with weapon skins, […]

MMOments: Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is one of those games that we’ve been impatiently waiting to come westward for a few years now, and like any game that we are regularly told we can’t have, the hype train has gotten out of hand at one point or another. I think that the majority of gamers saw NCSoft’s […]

Paladins Ditches Heavy Customization

Paladins is a MOBA game that puts emphasis on players being able to customize their characters via collectible cards, at least until Hi-Rez decided not to. While originally billed as a game that would carry a small number of highly customizable heroes, a recent interview with Erez Goren has revealed that the developer plans on […]

Column: Jagex and the RuneScapes

I’ve written quite a bit about Jagex and the issue of “not-RuneScape” in the past, and while I penned an editorial about its history over at earlier last year, I’ve been meaning to give the topic another look for quite some time. If you aren’t acquainted with Jagex’s history of developing games that are […]

Divergence Online Graphics Settings Are, Well, Smedley

I’ve written quite a bit in the past about how indie developers are indie because they aren’t corporate, and it would be unrealistic in many respects to expect the same level of emotionless professionalism that you might find out of a business with a PR department. Case in point: Divergence Online. Creator Ethan Casner is […]

[Column] As Far As Greedmonger Goes, No.

Greed Monger is back! Yes, that Greed Monger. The one that was funded on a dream and a promise, by developers that had neither the funding nor experience in order to create said vision, only to crash and go under to the tune of $100 million in backer funds. The one by Jason Appleton who threatened […]

MMO Fallout Says Goodbye To 2015’s Dearly Departed

2015 is over and that means paying respect to the recently departed, games with no servers and developers without jobs. While the year brought with it plenty of new games, it also marked the end of others and whether or not those games continue to live on through unofficial, community-run private servers is another story. […]

[Less Massive] Slitherine Among The Best Mobile Devs, Says Slitherine recently named Slitherine Software as runner up to their Creator of the Year award, putting the company in a position that, in their own words, “no other publisher came close” to matching. That makes Slitherine responsible for four games that garnered votes for GotY in our behind-the-scenes polling. No other publisher came close. So what’s the problem? […]