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Grab Free Daily Veteran Bonus On Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals is celebrating Thanksgiving with a membership giveaway. All you have to do is log in each day between November 26th and November 29th to receive one free code every day for the duration of the event. Each code is good for twenty four hours of veteran membership, delivered via in-game mail and […]

Jagex Talks: RuneScape Deadman Mode

The past year or so has shown RuneScape to be one of the oddest games I’ve ever had to cover here at MMO Fallout. While traditional MMOs branch out with expansion packs, often times altering their names to match the latest version, RuneScape is one of the first that I’ve seen to actively spin itself […]

Trion Introduces $20 Early Access Pack, Bumps Existing Packages

If you’re looking to buy into Devilian but don’t want to shell out the minimum $50, Trion Worlds has a new package for you. Available as of yesterday, the base Devilian package now costs $20 and includes beta access, a two day head start, a corgi companion that comes with extra inventory slots, fifteen days […]

Defiance TV Show Cancelled, Game Continuing

Trion Worlds has assured players that Defiance the game will continue long past the life span of Defiance the tv show, which is good news because the latter has been cancelled. Syfy announced that the television show will be getting the axe after three seasons, the latest not producing the kind of viewership that the […]

[Community] Blocked & Kicked: Payday Community Targets Customers

Editor’s note: Community is an editorial column where we discuss pressing issues in the gaming community, including outside of the MMO genre. The acknowledgement of events or actions by individuals or developers should not be misinterpreted as our approval of said actions,¬†unless explicitly stated. If you haven’t been paying attention recently, the Payday community is […]

Neverwinter Introducing New Astral Diamond Sources

Those of you keeping watch on Neverwinter are well aware of the game’s ongoing issues with Astral Diamonds, a main trade currency and target for gold farmers, not to mention a direct line for players to obtain Zen without paying any real money of their own. In the most recent dev post, lead designer Scott […]

Top 5: More Tips For DarkScape Survival

[Update 10/2/15: A game update has rendered some of this list obsolete.] The previous Top 5 tips for DarkScape has been insanely popular, but recent updates have made¬†several options on the list either already obsolete or about to be obsolete. With that in mind, and considering I am further in the game than last week, […]

Top 5: Tips For DarkScape Survival

DarkScape is out and that only means one thing: Prepare to die a whole lot, and lose your items. Since DarkScape isn’t just RuneScape with open world PvP, MMO Fallout has put together some opening tips for players looking to make a start in this new world. 5. Get A Head Start If you’re anything […]

[Column] The Death Of Out-Of-Genre Subscriptions

I casually refer to the 2009 – 2010 time span as the Suicidal Subscription Pact, where business logic in gaming decreed that subscription fees must be tacked on to genres that had previously been available for just the cost of the game. The time marks one of the last eras of businesses unsuccessfully copying functions […]

Derek Smart: There Will Be A Lawsuit

If Cloud Imperium Games thought that booting Derek Smart out as a customer would be the end of the story, they were sorely mistaken. Smart has been heading a crusade against Star Citizen over claims that the game, as it is currently being promised, can never be made. The two parties have been going back […]