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Gems In The Greenlight Gutter: July 21st Edition

I’ve been meaning to start this column for quite a while now, and finally got around to figuring out what I wanted to call it. Gems in the Greenlight Gutter is a series of pieces I have planned looking at games that pop up in the Steam Greenlight list, with a twist. Rather than looking […]

[Video] The Rebel Is A Reminder of Greenlight’s Uselessness

Since we discussed The Rebel’s developer having a meltdown on Steam, I decided to take a look at the game and see just how it attained a 75% positive rating (at the time). Strap in and pull your seat belts tight, this is going to be a bumpy ride. The developer is offering the rights […]

Beta Perspective: A Third Go On The Neverwinter Express

How much do I like Neverwinter? Three systems in and I’m still playing it, that’s how much. Neverwinter is an action-based MMORPG set in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign. It initially released on PC back in 2013, Xbox last year, and now the game has come to Playstation. Unlike its Microsoft counterpart, Neverwinter […]

[Community] The Rebel Developer: “I Just Want To Get Rid of This Sh**y Game”

For this week’s Community Monday, I want to dive into the latest indie developer meltdown currently in progress. The subject for the latest incident is The Rebel, a Unity asset flip that currently has a 75% positive (of four reviews) rating on Steam. There is one person online at the time of this writing. The […]

Disaster Report: Umbrella Corp Is Essentially Buried

If there is any sympathy for Capcom over Umbrella Corps, you’d have to look long and hard in order to find it. Umbrella Corps, the game that was met with severe skepticism and ultimately negative reviews, appears to be dead in the waters just a few weeks after launch. According to Steam Charts, the game […]

Overwatch Introduces Ana, Healing Sniper

Following Blizzard’s recent reveal of a sniper rifle with healing capabilities,¬†gamers are finally being introduced to the latest playable member of Overwatch: Ana. The mother of Phariah, Ana’s biotic rifle is capable of healing friendlies and inflicting damage over time to enemies. Her sidearm, a sleep dart, is capable of putting enemies to sleep (naturally) […]

[NM] Lara Croft GO

The GO series turned out to be a real surprise hit¬†when Square Enix announced Hitman GO for iOS and Android way back in the far flung past of 2014. You could cut the skepticism for Hitman GO with a knife, a rather cynical look toward what was perceived as the first steps of a company […]

Black Desert Online Previews Ninja/Kunoichi Classes

Black Desert Online is previewing its July 20th update, introducing the ninja and kunoichi classes as announced by Kakao Games (Formerly Daum). The update also introduces a skill addon system, allowing attacks to be customized with up to two effects. Prior to this update on the 20th, Black Desert Online players will see the launch […]

Snapshots: The Black Death Shots/Trailer

The Black Death is a 14th century survival game set in western Europe ravaged by plague and sickness. Currently in early access, The Black Death promises realistic professions, a huge open world with hundreds of NPCs, hundreds of items, and a large scale multiplayer. Below, check out the latest trailer showing off the beggar class […]

You Can Buy A Vial Of Richard Garriot’s Blood

Who hasn’t thought to themselves “I’d like to own a vial of Richard Garriot’s Blood?” The good news is, your lifetime dream can be realized through the power of Ebay and Richard Garriot’s presumed consent for the extraction and sale of his blood. Six vials of Garriot and Starr Long’s blood are being sold on […]