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Steam Introduces Updated Filtering, Adult Only Games

Several months after announcing impending changes to its storefront, Valve this week implemented a number of changes to Steam to alter what players see and what they can opt to ignore. First and foremost, the upcoming release list is being changed to “take into account the pre-release interest in a game — that is to […]

Blizzard Again Promises Tough Punishment For Overwatch Trolls

If you could formulate a plan to effectively punish, and get rid of, toxic players in your community, you might just become the richest person in the gaming industry. Until then, we’ll need to sit back and watch as developers continue to commit to punishing toxic community members and hope that everything works out for […]

Top 5: Obnoxious Gamers Who Eventually Get Banned

The number one article request I get here at MMO Fallout is when someone gets banned from an MMO and wants me to write a scathing piece about how the developer wronged them. I don’t follow through with them, but that doesn’t mean I am not paying attention. Years of wrongful ban claims and actively engaging […]

Firefall Is Sick of Trolls, Will Be Kicking Them Out

I’ve talked about the fine line between trolling and constructive criticism, one that generally doesn’t seem to be understood by trolls. And while MMO developers aren’t fans of trolling, they are also generally reluctant to expel their (often paying) customers for throwing up a fuss either in the game or on the forums. Firefall developer Red […]

Yea, Well, The Old Republic Will Fail When…

You may not be aware of it, but here at MMO Fallout I have a very lax policy of commenting. I don’t require you register, or for that matter even fill out your username or email address (a good portion of the comments here are entirely anonymous). There are well over five hundred comments spanning […]

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