Esports Betting Figures: League of Legends Comes Out On Top

Recent betting figures have revealed that League of Legends is the most popular game by betting turnover. LoL takes 69% of the esports betting market, followed by Counter Strike (15%), DOTA 2 (10%) and Starcraft 2 (6%).

Our research also shows those countries keenest on E-Sports betting, with most of the money bwin made on the matter coming from Germany. Their place atop the rankings is a commanding one, with over a third of the punters (41.36%) stationed there.

Austria (15%), the Netherlands (13%), Switzerland (6%) and Belgium (6%) complete the top five of the most prolific E-Sports bettors on the planet. Canada (1%) are the highest ranking non-European nation, suggesting there’s plenty more growth for the game to make on a global scale.

Source: bwin

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