Petition To Revive Wizardry Gets Attention


A player petition to bring back Wizardry Online may have hit its mark. Ever since Sony Online Entertainment cut its ties and shut down the Wizardry servers mid-2014, players have been trying to convince other publishers to give the game a second chance.

Several months later, one such company has responded. Over at the Suba Games board, a community manager for the publisher responded that they have heard player demands, and have contacted developer Gamepot.

Afternoon everyone, it’s always great to see people passionate enough to pool together and try to have their voices heard. In this case i want to let you know you all have been heard and Suba is interested in reviving this game. They have actually made contact with the developer but have yet to conclude an outcome with them yet.

Nothing is set in stone, but the news is certainly a positive for the game’s fans.

(Source: Suba Games)

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7 Responses to “Petition To Revive Wizardry Gets Attention”

  1. Ipa says:

    This game is fantastic! It was barely given a chance in the west because gamers today are so spoiled by shiny graphics, instabt gratification, everyone is a winner type of games. Wizardry was amazing. Iv heard people complain the game felt kind of bulky, which I never understood. The games combat was incredibly fluid, the classes and class changing system was ingenious, and everything was customizable. It was hardcore, and made you work hard, but the RPG feel pulled you into the dark lore and medieval type dungeons. you really felt you where there, not looking through your screen. This game needs to be back!

  2. yea mayne says:

    What i truly loved about this game was the community and the teamwork. It was essential to have friends. Most of the mmorpg’s I’ve played, I mean I have tried a lot of mmorpg games and always winding up alone soloing. But this one got me hooked up on it. Everyday i had the need to log in because of new friends i got close with playing the game. Bring it back

  3. GoreJess says:

    This game has a massive potential and will become a valuable asset to any publisher that decides to pick it up, dust it off, and give it some tender loving care. 🙂

  4. Jeraziah says:

    Ever since this game was shut down I could not become connected to another mmo such as this. The game was just amazing and the fact that it was more involved in team oriented situations made it even more fun. I have played many mmos from gw2, vindictus, etc, nothing could compare wizardry online. The hardcore elements remind me of how vital it could be to have people on your side and it felt like that a lot more on this game then any other game really. This game needs to come back.

  5. Hawkwind says:

    The Softalk-Allstars Union with me Hawkwind as the leader will never die I want my game back

  6. Hawkwind says: wizardry online won’t die cuts hawkwind is better then Sony miss mangment