Daybreak Reneges On Free To Play, Splits H1Z1 In Half


Free to play your way is going away as Daybreak Game Company announced today that the zombie game will be split into two separate titles, with both requiring a down payment in order to get into. Since its announcement, Daybreak has billed the title as early access with an eventual launch into free to play, as shown by the following description on the game’s Steam page.

“Initially available as a Steam Early Access title with optional in-game RMT marketplace purchases, H1Z1 will later launch as a Free to Play. Your Way™ title with optional in-game RMT marketplace purchases.”

According to a blog post on the official website, the decision comes down to both games getting to the point where they would require their own dedicated development teams in order to progress efficiently. The two versions effectively split the battle royale and survival modes into their own separate clients with separate teams and separate characters. H1Z1: King of the Hill will launch on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 later this summer with a console version of H1Z1: Just Survive coming down the road.

The more we developed this game with you, our community, the more we realized that in order to fully support both aspects of H1Z1, and their respective players, we needed to make them their own stand-alone games supported by their own dedicated development teams.

Anyone who has already purchased H1Z1, or purchases it before February 17th, will be granted both copies. For everyone else, the game will cost $19.99 each.

(Source: H1Z1)

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