ArcheAge: Buy Credits, Get Backlash


It must be Monday, because Trion Worlds is once again gating controversy over allegations of pay to win in ArcheAge. Last week, the company introduced a perk for the $100 cash shop pack that comes with a free hot tub (pictured above, courtesy of Reddit). So what’s the problem? Companies give these incentives all the time.

Well, the issue is twofold: First, the hot tub is more than just a cosmetic addition to your property. The pool allows you to remove the “clear mind” debuff given by beds, allowing the player to regain labor from sleeping for a second time in one day. You also receive plant decorations, but people don’t seem too angry about those.

Second, this appears to be the only way that players can obtain the hot tub, putting players who are unwilling to pony up the $100 within the next week at a disadvantage. The buff only applies to the owner, it is account-bound upon purchase, and cannot be obtained any other way.

I’ve contacted Trion Worlds for a response on whether the pool will be available in some other fashion.

(Source: ArcheAge)

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