Heroes & Generals Update 4.5 Adds New Guns


Heroes & Generals deploys update 4.5 this week, introducing multiple new guns and skins. The US faction receives the US M1941 machine gun while the Germans have the P38 Parabellum pistol. The machine gun unlocks at level 12 infantry and the pistol unlocks at level 12 handgun.

The German faction now has the P38 Parabellum, which is widely regarded as the first modern handgun and pistols today are still being built on its design principles. This outstanding handgun is known from Inglorious Basterds as Oberst Hans Landa’s personal pistol. The top tier pistol has a high damage output, which makes it even better than its iconic little brother, the P08.

The full changelog can be found here, or watch the videolog below.

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