RuneScape Dumps Bounty Hunter, Redistributes Rewards

The past few months has seen Jagex taking a look at old content and changing it for the better. January saw a massive overhaul to mining & smithing, while this month sees the overhaul of firemaking. Unfortunately, the developer was unable to fix everything.

This week marks the removal of Bounty Hunter, a PvP mini-game that has seen multiple overhauls since its introduction in 2007, but Jagex admits just hasn’t been successful in making fun. Mandrith, the NPC in charge of Bounty Hunter, is taking on a new job of handing out slayer tasks specifically for Wilderness hunting.

Also as part of the update, certain rewards that were specific to Bounty Hunter may now be earned through various other activities in-game. Some items can be crafted, while others must be purchased through various venders. A full list of the reward distribution is available at the link below.

Source: RuneScape

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