Stadia Status: Stadia Connect Drops New Games

Also PUBG is now available for pro members.

Stadia Connect is like Google’s answer to the Nintendo Direct that literally everyone loves and literally nobody hates. The latest Stadia Connect dropped today with details on upcoming titles and features coming to the platform.

Phil Harrison started off the stream reminding viewers that Stadia’s free tier is available. Players can get two months of free Pro membership with existing pro members receiving an additional two months to their subscription.

Of the new titles coming, Google announced:

  • 5 Electronic Arts titles: Jedi Fallen Order, Madden NFL, and Fifa were the only three specifically detailed.
  • Doom Eternal (Available now)
  • Octopath Traveler (Available today)
  • Rock of Ages 3 (June)
  • Crayta
  • Wavebreak
  • Embr
  • Get Packed

Steamworld Heist, Zombie Army 4, and Turing Test will be free for Pro members in May with Zombie Army 4 receiving add-on content. Playerunknown Battlegrounds is available for free to Pro members now along with the latest battle pass.

The entire video can be viewed below.

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