Snapshots: Naughty Dog Copyright Strikes Playstation Twitter

Sometimes you have to enjoy the finer things.

Now I couldn’t care less about the Last Of Us series but I can enjoy when a company that has been making the rounds for abusing copyright trips over its own tongue. Evidently the people I follow on Twitter are of the same mind because this retweet has popped up no less than half a dozen times in the last few minutes.

Naughty Dog and Sony are really clamping down hard on copyright striking media from The Last Of Us 2 being shared on Twitter, so hard in fact that they issued a takedown to the Playstation account. Now I’m going to guess that a person did not manually make the claim that took down this content. Scratch that, I’m going to pray that a person did not manually issue the copyright strike against the Playstation account.

For my sanity.

The Tweet is linked here and the photo is still down as of this publishing. This is what happens when you delegate your scorched earth copyright policy to a bot.

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