Astellia Online Quietly Relaunched As Global F2P Game

I’ll bet you didn’t know this.

December brings all kinds of oddities to the table. I mean Christmas, what’s the deal with that? You trade elk jerky to a guy who hangs out at the abandoned Circuit City building and he promises that he might visit your house and sing carols if he thinks you’ve been good this year. Honestly I’m not sure what the fuss is about, the only song he knows is Hark, is that the smell of dinner cooking? I sure am hungry.

You might be surprised to hear that Astellia Online has quietly relaunched as a free to play title, and even more surprised to learn that Astellia Online never really shut down. It’s still running in fact. You can play it on Steam. So what am I rambling about?

Actually one year ago Astellia Online shut down in its native land of Korea. The southern one. The game has relaunched however in the form of Astellia Royal, a free to play title with free to play aesthetics. Now before you flip your lid the “Royal” part of the title should not imply that this is a battle royale game. It’s simply a title change.

What can players expect from the new Astellia Royal? Well the free to play nature means more intrusive microtransactions, slower leveling, slower dungeon refill tickets, and overall changes to the content structure now that players aren’t paying the upfront fee. You’ll also have to deal with higher latency as the servers currently are hosted in South Korea. Even the North America server is in Korea.

To check out Astellia Royal just head over to the official website. The whole service is a bit wonky and may take a couple tries to get downloaded.

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