MapleStory Updates With Flicker of Light

Available today.

The second part of MapleStory’s big winter update is available today. Awake: Flicker of Light has players leveling up their characters with yet another burning plus event to help reach the fifth job skills and prepare for level 240 Arcane River Theme dungeon. The next big update will be January 6.

The burning plus event of course grants three levels per level up, up to level 200. Players will also collect additional items while leveling burning characters from 200 to 210. Maplers with at least six characters at level 101 or above who have completed level 4 job advancement can take part in the Legion Arena to battle with others.

Reboot World players will be happy to find that they can now create a Zero character and explore the Mirror World. For more information on this week’s update, check out the official website.

PS: Also the BTS World crossover items are available. Check those out here.

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