RuneScape Drops Anniversary Quest

Second part in an ongoing series.

RuneScape is twenty years old this year, and Jagex is committing most of 2021 to bringing players back to the olden days. For some those olden days being a time when their accounts could actually log in. For the rest a nostalgic world of quests with longer shelf dates than your average Twinkie.

Flashback is the story of Relomia who is angry at the player and wants to take their place as the big hero of Gielinor. In the first part you foil her plans of swapping identities and she escapes to continue her strange plot. In the latest part Relomia is back and stealing biographies of characters from RuneScape’s past to rewrite their stories and make your heroic deeds less remembered. Can you stop her? That’s rhetorical.

Source: RuneScape

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