Valve Bans Yet Another Laundering Game


MMO Fallout has been covering Steam’s use as a money laundering tool for a couple of years now, and it’s not quite surprising to me that almost every single game we pegged as illicit has since been banned. This week Valve finally woke up and banned the title Happy Chick from the Steam store. Happy Chick launched in January 2020 and I must assume accomplished its job by now in cleaning currency for whoever uploaded it.

In the time it remained on the store, however, Happy Chick ran for a cool $200 USD for a game that looks like it was compiled in about ten minutes. While not a concrete proof of guilt, the $200 price point has proven to be very reliable in spotting bad actors on Steam. As I said before, almost every $200 game we noted is no longer available for purchase due to Valve banning the developer.

There are still a few games that I suspect to be money laundering titles. MMO Fallout will update if Valve takes further action against them.

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