Diablo IV Director Jesse McCree Is Out

As high profile names continue to be plucked from Blizzard’s ranks.

Under increasing pressure from employees and the ongoing lawsuit, Activision Blizzard this week saw more management let go from the company. Blizzard level designer Jesse McCree has been let go as have Diablo IV game director Luis Barriga and World of Warcraft designer Jonathan LeCraft. Activision has yet to comment on or announce the departures, however sources within Blizzard told Kotaku that their names are no longer on the employee directory.

Overwatch players have been petitioning for Jesse McCree’s namesake in Overwatch to be renamed after it came to light that McCree was one of the Blizzard staff photographed taking part in the “Cosby suite” controversy. LeCraft was also one of the employees photographed. Barriga has not been referenced by name regarding the lawsuit and surrounding controversy that we have seen.

More information as it appears.

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