Wild Terra 2 Hosts Free Weekend

Experience the toxicity for free before moving on.

Wild Terra 2 developer Juvty Worlds this week announced that the early access sandbox game will host a free weekend. Which weekend? This weekend. Starting August 13 and running through August 16, you’ll be able to join in on the open world pvp sandbox game completely free of charge. Play the tutorial, get to the main land, and get ganked. All at no cost to your wallet.

Wild Terra 2 currently sits at a 55% mixed rating on Steam with user complains related to toxicity coming from players and Juvty Worlds moderators. As we have noted in the past, Wild Terra 2 as an open pvp game with full loot and a small community does suffer from exceptionally toxic actors in its player base. Those interested in checking out the game during its free weekend should be aware that there will most likely be high level guilds dedicated to making your experience as miserable as possible. Targeted harassment should be considered less of a possibility and more of an expectation.

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