Yes, Astellia Royal Is Also Shutting Down

It only took Studio 8 nearly a week to announce it.

Astellia and Astellia Royal certainly won’t be going down in the history books as competently run services, so it’s only fitting that it would take Studio 8 nearly a week after removing Astellia Royal from Steam to confirm that it is in fact shutting down. Following yesterday’s announcement that the buy to play Astellia would close later this year, the folks at Studio 8 announced that its free to play revival would shut down as well.

Astellia Royal will also close down on October 29 with gems no longer purchasable as of this announcement. Both iterations of the game have had a long and storied history of failure and incompetence with the original Astellia shutting down in Korea in 2019, and Astellia Royal launching to poor reviews and a shoddily managed anti-cheat that the company either refused to or was incapable of fixing.

Source: Steam

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