One Year Later: Soulfire Is Pretty Dead

One person playing on Steam and it was me.

Soulfire fully launched on Steam one year ago and the only reason I’m talking about it right now is because it’s time for the one year follow up. Actually it was time on August 3, but it’s a bit rude to bring up my procrastination on my own editorial, don’t you think?

Developed by Aydream, Soulfire is a 2D battle royale title. The game has had 31 reviews posted since January 1, 2021, and currently holds an 83% mostly positive rating on Steam out of 236 total reviews. The player base is completely dead and Aydream has evidently abandoned Soulfire completely. I mentioned this back in February during our six month report.

In the last six months the player count for Soulfire hasn’t gone above eight concurrent users. The latest news post by Aydream is still the latest update released in July 2020. The Soulfire dev account has not posted since April 2020. Season 1 of the battle pass is still going from last July.

Soulfire is still technically playable, but only if you want to go up against bots and shoddy mobile players. It’s virtually impossible to tell the bots and players apart because both are functionally impaired in terms of control and lag. The server being on the west coast and barely workable doesn’t help either, as the matches I’ve played recently suffered hard from lag spikes.

Soulfire is definitely not worth your $7 considering it used to be free to play, and considering that the developers have been gone for well over a year with no hope in sight for updates or even attention, it’s safe to add Soulfire to the MMO Fallout abandonware list.

Don’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

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