EA Checkup: RPG MO Six Years

It’s been six years folks.

RPG MO is a game that for all intent and purpose should not still be in early access six years down the line. It’s out, the dev has been fully monetizing it for years and the whole thing has the complexity of an MS-DOS title from 1997. The idea of a “full version” is meaningless in terms of a free to play MMO that is continuously adding content, and as usual sounds more like a crutch to push off any criticism of any problems that might arise. Get off the toilet.

And it’s not like RPG MO is a bad game either. Out of 2,568 reviews the game has a mostly positive rating of 79%. Over the last three months the Steam population has fluctuated between 100-150 concurrent players on at any given time. The peak for the game was six years ago on release where player count hit over 800 concurrent, before nose-diving in the following weeks. RPG MO still receives regular content updates and has active involvement from the developer both in-game and on the forum.

RPG MO feels like an spiritual reimagining of RuneScape Classic. It’s a game with heavy grind, very simple graphics, and a laid back atmosphere that encourages players to just chill and take it slow. As for the game itself it suffers slightly from a case of the “been around too long” syndrome. RuneScape does as well, where there is an obvious disparity in the quality of animations and graphics between things that are clearly newer and things that have been around quite a while.

One commonality among negative reviews point toward overbearing and potentially abusive moderators in-game. Normally I would say that the occasional claim of mod abuse is an overstatement, being a moderator myself who once banned a player from Xsyon for shouting racist slurs in chat, only for him to go on the forums and claim I did it out of jealousy for his PVP skills. When the claims are this specific, this numerous, and this consistent among negative reviews however I have to say it makes them more credible.

Friendly community that will help you if you will ask /BUT/ Abusive moderators that can kick/mute/ban you for discussing anything that they may think “wrong”, like prices in a premium shop or anything else, really.

 Chat is over-moderated, and the moderation seems to pick favourites; like I said, small but loyal following.

If you enjoy Runescape level Grinding or just numbers games, you might give this a chance, but the issues with this game in comparison is the tiny rude community and terrible admin/mod community overseeing the people/chat. People are obnoxious, rude, and the admins actually control the market. Ive never played a game where the admin community was this passive aggressive or outright rude to its players.

the devs surely do enjoy their preudo-power, bannig everyone here and there for whatever freaking reason. they are the main griefers in this game.

RPG MO is free to play, which is a Swedish term for “try before you buy microtransactions.” You can download it from Steam or from the main website. While I think it’s rather ridiculous that the game is still in early access after all this time, the developers are still actively working on it. Given so many of the other games we cover for this section it could be much worse off.

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