Soulworker x Konosuba Collab Is Here

It’s actually here today.

It’s KonoSuba week apparently. The Soulworker x KonoSuba collaboration is officially here, timed perfectly with the launch of KonoSuba: Fantastic Days on mobile. It’s almost as if this was intentional.

Players can log in starting today and complete quests rewarding experience, boxes, outfits, and Zenny (currency). Other quests and in-game events will be available over the course of the collaboration, as well as stuff to buy from the in-game shop.

“Along with our newly added character Lee Nabi in July, our game greets fans with nine unique and distinct characters,” said YongNam Jo, SoulWorker product director, Lion Games. “We hope that this first-ever collaboration will be a great gift to our global fanbase. We have been putting a ton of work to implement KonoSuba into the world of SoulWorker so our fans can enjoy a KonoSuba twist on our MMORPG. We are working endlessly to add more collaborative-focused content in the future that our fans will love – stay tuned for more.”

The event runs four weeks. Soulworker is available on Steam.

Source: Press Release

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