Space Punks Releases Talented Ones Update

New content and stuff.

Space Punks is the early access space ARPG by Flying Wild Hog and published by Jagex. This week the title updated with its Talented Ones update, adding in hundreds of bug fixes, dozens of gameplay tweaks, and retrofitting the game hub. The update also introduces a deeper leveling system with skill trees as well as the gear upgrade system allowing players to get more grind from their gear by powering it up.

Space Punks game director Michael Kuk stated;

“It’s been a very busy month since the early access launch of Space Punks and we’ve been blown away by how well it’s been received by our growing community of Pathfinders. Since then we’ve been hard at work tweaking, fixing and improving things across the board, and with the release of “The Talented One” Update, we can’t wait to show them what we’ve been working on.”

Patch notes available here. Space Punks is available in early access on the Epic Games Store. New trailer below.

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